It is almost over now

We’re still at Union glacier, awaiting a flight tomorrow if the weather continues to improve, as the trend has been thus far.
The delay we have had here, before we return to the real world, has given us time to reflect on our adventures and appreciate the incredible world we live in and all that is of value to us. These realisations are ultimately what we derive from these activities, more-so than the actual achievement of the goal itself.
You really have to live it to achieve it and there is no way to attain that destination by artificial means. Yep, at the end of the day, it’s about hard work, commitment and dedication to what is important to you. Achievement does not come without sacrifice, therein lies the conundrum of life and happiness.

As a group of people traveling to the South Pole we have all been challenged and tested. Through that we have bonded to form everlasting friendships that we know will last the test of time and we will prosper from the shared obstacles we have endured. Some may say this is in essence the exhilir of a healthy life, it is up to each of us to decide our ultimate fate and set along that pathway. Our individual journey is a personal pilgrimage that enables us the opportunity to elect what outcomes are possible for ourselves; we can decide to engage in challenges that allow us (force us) to grow or we may chose an easier but less rewarding path. An aspect of our privileged lives is that the decision is ours to live the life we want and it therefore takes a concerted personal motivation to achieve our goals as opposed to taking the easiest route. Once upon a time we faced inexorable challenges merely to stay alive; therein was our motivation and desire to face those challenges. Today that focus is less apparent. Our lives in this modern age are devoid of those same struggles and have been replaced instead with arbitrary objectives and hurdles that seem meaningless and artificial by comparison.

Journeys like we have just completed give us the perspective that we need to provide balance in our busy and sometimes hectic lives whilst giving us a metaphoric ‘measuring stick’ for what we believe is important and what is not.

We all can achieve what we want, we merely have to make an absolute commitment towards our end goal to begin the process.

Ok, that is enough philosophising for one dispatch. I will post a final message on our return to Chile. To all our friends, family and followers: myself and the rest of the team thank you for your understanding, support and interest, and we hope you join us on our next adventure.

This is Guy signing off on a balmy minus 8 degree morning in Antarctica.

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4 Responses to It is almost over now

  1. I have the same opinion with most of your points, but some need to be discussed further, I will hold a small talk with my buddies and maybe I will ask you some advice later.

    – Henry

  2. Riad Kamal says:

    Waleed ,you are truly a model for many of us…..welcome back to the real world!!!!! I don,t know how this adventure will change you but the little I know of you tells me that no boundaries will ever stop you from seeking knowledge and adventure.we are proud of you and can,t wait to see you back with us . RIAD KAMAL

  3. Proud Mama says:

    Abu Dean

    Finally the long awaited dispatch…… like everyone, I am so proud of the obvious achievement …reaching the South Pole, your grit and determination and the rest of it.

    However, I must admit the pure jo, pride and tears came when I read your piece. Mashallah…I say no more.

    I would like to pinch your ear for being determined to go on this godforsaken Antartica expedition. However, I am so proud of how you handled the entire experience, but then anyone who knows you, knows that you love extreme conditions, unbearble heat ( I love to sweat Ma) and it’s never too cold for you! Also, anyone who knows you knows that when you set your mind to something, with Allah’s grace, you get it done.

    I have always been proud of you and pray that your sons grow to be just like you, in every way.

    With all my love and “rida”

  4. Salman Bandar Alireza says:

    hi amo wilis and amo hutham and amo mohammed
    i have been following your adventure, i wish i was there with you guys!!!!!
    what other flags are in the south pole?
    it was very cool to see the saudi flag for the frist time in history in the south pole.
    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you sooooooooooo much for bringing me a piece of ice in a bottle from ANTARTICA.
    xo come back safely with luck
    from: Salman Bandar Alireza

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