In Union Glacier awaiting favourable flying weather

Well folks here is my second missive of the trip – made possible now because of a not totally unexpected delay to our departure. Yesterday we were plucked from the rigours of the South Pole, right at the last minute, having started to prepare ourselves for further bad weather and a stay of two days or more in temperatures of -30 chilled down to -49 with the wind. The pilot of the Basler found a window in the weather and picked us up, arriving back at Union Glacier using IFR for the first time ever here [instrumental landing as the visibility was so poor!]. We were welcomed by a celebratory champagne dinner, complete with toasts and lauding of the team including ourselves, our guides, the pilots, the support staff and not forgetting all those folks at home. We have no internet access so are almost completely oblivious of all the intense activity which has been happening on the web site, all the messages of support and encouragement we have yet to read! At lunchtime today we were briefed by the Met man and Steve Jones – the logistics guy from ALE. Sunshine and clear blue skies were visible behind these guys as they delivered the news that the Ilyushin could not leave Punto and would be unlikely to land here for three days! Since then there has been frantic phone calls home for all of us to rearrange hectic schedules back in the real world. Not least in all our hearts is an even longer prolonged absence from you all, for that we are heartbroken and now must wait a little longer for that first hug!!

I almost forgot, on 9th we reached our goal of the South Pole, an incredibly emotional and uplifting experience. The journey has been punishing, and we all are nursing some physical scars of our trek – but we have willingly exchanged the discomfort and adversity for the intense satisfaction of the achievement. We long for the reunions folks and can’t wait, really sorry it is delayed.

Love to you all, Jeff

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5 Responses to In Union Glacier awaiting favourable flying weather

  1. Andrea Castle says:

    Well done, fantastic achievement, safe journey home

  2. Megan Lunt says:

    Dad… great to finally read a post from you, was wondering whether you had actually got there! Well done on completing a fantastic journey with your friends. Very proud of you all for what you have achieved! See you in a few weeks for more celebrations x

  3. Neil Lunt says:

    Well done everybody,what an achievement.Jeff I forgot to give you a note for Santa from the boys and Molly,would it be an awful inconvenience for you to return and deliver it for me ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tarik Zahid says:

    Dear Waleed & Co.
    Union Glacier looks like a five star place compared to the South pole.Glad you are closer to home .Continuing to pray for good weather ,and your safe return.See you soon ISA

  5. akhashoggi75 says:

    Jeff, we as heartbroken as you all are for we miss you and are eager to welcome you back and into our warm arms. We shall pray for a break in the weather to get the Ilyushin out to carry you to Punta Arena and on your way back to your loved ones.

    There has been a flurry of great comments from family and friends, and all those are archived for your reading when you are re-connected to cyber space, which Insha’Allah will be soon.

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