South Pole Success

Luck smiled upon us and enabled us to make the final 21km leg to the South Pole! We’ve spent the last couple of hours taking pictures at the South Pole and visiting the Amundsen-Scott base that is run by USA. We are all ecstatic to have finished the journey and our final day was sufficiently stout that we feel we’ve earned the right to celebrate. The winds were high today, starting at 15kts and building. Now it’s around 30kts outside the tent and worse weather is predicted. It is possible we could get stuck here but we hold out some hope for an early morning pick up. You’ll hear more from us tomorrow but right now we need some rest.

Good night

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20 Responses to South Pole Success

  1. Hana Alireza says:

    Amo Walid, Mo and Haytham – How AMAZING – Mabrook! Karim and I have been reading your blog and following your progress, we were so glad you decided to press on when things got tough, and we are so proud of you! Fantastic adventure, you will have great stories to tell. Bon voyage, may you have a safe trip home. x

  2. Noura T says:

    Alf alf mabrook! The photo of you with the flag gives me goosebumps and I’ve been bragging about you to my friends at work πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Nabeel Zahid says:

    Congratulations to the whole team! What an amazing adventure! It gives us all great pride in your historic and heroic achievement, not least in seeing the Saudi flag fluttering beside you.
    Hopefully you have made your flight out and heading towards warmer climes!
    Haytham, I shall miss your daily blogs which, unsurprisingly, are rivetingly well written!

    With love and much Aloha! πŸ™‚


  4. Ashir says:

    Bravo! We are proud of you.

  5. Congratulations on your tremendous success, not only in reaching your goal but in achieving it together for a lifelong memory and another Zahid legend to be recounted for generations to come. We are thanking God for your courage, safety and fine spirits!
    Greg & Marilyn

  6. Salman Alireza says:


  7. NHA says:

    Thank you all for showing us that nothing is impossible!!
    Alf Mabrook & Looking forward to your safe return.

  8. Ret says:

    Congratulations Zahid Expedition!!! Well, well done!!! The dispatches were brilliant. I’ll miss having your adventure to follow. It has inspired me and many others it seems from all the heartfelt comments. Safe travels home, gents. I hope you haven’t tired of telling your story by the time I get to you!

    Alf mabrook,

  9. Suresh Haridas says:

    Something great to cherish for the rest of your life, and I am sure all of you will remember your first hot shower in a long time.
    Cheers !

  10. sultana says:

    Hamdillah it’s over and YOU ALL DID IT!!!
    Alf Mabrook-
    It gave me goose bumps to see the Saudi flag there blowing in the wind with the words of La Illaha Illa Allah, Mohamed rassool Allah.
    At this point, as Noura Al Turki said, anything would sound so banal to describe my feelings at your achievement.
    What touches me though as your wife Will, and your mother Toom and Mo, is how you all looked out for each other and supported one another throughout this ordeal, only reinforcing the bond between you. For your safety and your bond I will be eternally grateful to nthe Almighty.

    Come home safely and soon.

  11. Hssan Alireza says:

    1st of all congratulations to all of you for a great achievement and a belated happy birthday for Waleed. A great way to end the 6th decade of your young life and i wish you many more filled with excitment & adventure. I must say i really enjoyed following your adventure thanks to Haythem’s vivaed depiction. Have a safe trip back home and look forward to hearing your story first hand. Allah Maakom

  12. Alex says:

    Congratulations to you all and belated Birthday Greetings to Waleed.
    What an amazing achievement – your indomitable acheivement will be an inspiration to all.

    Have a safe and enjoyable journey back to Jeddah.
    Alex and all at Desert Lakes

  13. Tarik Zahid says:

    Dear Waleed et Co.
    GREAT ,well done , very pleased you have achieved your target, Bravo in all languages and forms. I hope you will organize a presentation on your return I am sure a lot of us are very eager to get more indepth info about your great achievement.
    Very pleased fro you and your team.Allah yrodakum bilsalamh.
    To all of the southern shufflers a BIG well done and thank God for your safety.
    T 4

  14. Hamza says:

    Alf Alf Alf Mabrook! It must be an amazing feeling to have finished! We’re all in awe of this incredible journey, and we’re eagerly looking forward to you coming back and giving us a blow by blow of the whole trip.


  15. faisal tamer says:

    Ammo, Haythem and Mo.

    Alf Mabrouk. Been following your great journey for the past couple of days and have to say that although we are far away, your blogs have shortened the distance and allowed us to share this great journey with you. Haythem your blogs read like a great novel hope you keep it up. Its been exciting to follow your progress, thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a safe return.

    God bless.


  16. Asaad Zahid says:

    Alf Mabrook! Great accomplishment masha Allah! Hope you all make it back safe insha Allah! Well done indeed!



  17. Zayd says:

    Alf mabrouk on your success… The sense of accomplishment, relief, and success must be an incredible feeling for you all right now!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon inshAllah.



  18. M.Samiullah says:

    Mabrouk!!! Congrats on reaching your goal….

  19. Amr says:

    1001 congratulations our Saudi Pioneers. You have made history and you have planted the Saudi flag at the South Pole. There are no words that can express our exhilaration and over joy at the successful completion of your trek overcoming harsh and inhumane conditions. Your physical and mental strength, Masha’Allah, are to be commended. We are all in awe of your conquering of The Last Degree in Antarctica. May Allah Bless you all and Provide you with the window to fly out of there to Union Glacier and on to Punta Arenas. We await your arrivals with open arms. I have to warn you, though, that you will be experiencing a rise in temperature of 83 degrees centigrade physically, but in our hearts the temperature rises beyond 1,000 degrees in our impatient wait for your safe arrival Insha’Allah.

    With love and affection,

    Rema and Amr

  20. yousuf says:

    1000 mabrouk great picture, gave me the chills ( the good ones)
    Looking forward to seeing you back safe ISA

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