Only one more day to go

I woke up this morning and the wind was still blowing Buicks and I had this sinking feeling that we were going to be stuck there for another night, we had already spent three nights at that location. Guy came around and said that whilst it was still blowing hard the weather had cleared up and it was about as good as it was going to get so they made the call and we were going to start moving again. This came as a huge relief to everyone. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was out in its full splendor and glory, visibility was endless and the sky was an incredible shade of blue. But the wind had to be taken very seriously, it was coming diagonal to head on from our left side and we had to make sure there was absolutely no exposed skin anywhere including our faces.

We did 20km today and it went by like a breeze, everyone was strong from the two days rest and super excited that it would be our second to last day.

We are now 21km from the pole, one day’s ski and spirits are running very high. We were hoping to reach the pole tomorrow, take pics, do a tour of the American research base then be picked up by the Basler and fly to Union Glacier in time for the Ilyushion flight on the 10th. The weather forecast is saying that they are expecting a weather system at Union Glacier tomorrow which could mean that we may not get picked up tomorrow in which case we would have to spend the night at the pole but also the Ilyushion would be grounded too and would not be flying on the 10th. Let’s pray the forecast is wrong.

We are finally one day away from our goal and hopefully this time tomorrow I’ll be dropping you a line saying we made it.

Distance traveled 90km, distance to the pole 21km. That hot shower is so close now.


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13 Responses to Only one more day to go

  1. Asma Alireza says:

    Alf Mabrouk. A Colossal acheivement. I’m in awe of the whole lot of you.


  2. Rola & Wael Al Ghalib says:

    May your birthday be filled with memories that last a lifetime.

    Happy Birthday

  3. maamoun Zahid says:

    Dear waleed and all.
    One can only cheer you on. Hope the last day of your adveture will be the best. Looking forward to your safe return.

  4. Khalid Malik AlGhalib says:

    Dear Zahid’s,
    After doing 90 km in freezing cold and rough terrain you must feel very proud… One more day and you will be able to physically “control” earth’s southern rotation ax and maybe move it the other direction! What a feeling… Your adventure is quiet an accomplishment and we are all cheering for you. Keep it up and see you back home soon…
    Regards from sunny Jeddah.

  5. Mohammed Samiullah says:

    Looking forward to hear the good news soon !

    An exciting journey which is only possible through sheer hard work, determination and courage in reality is a true picture of “In pursuit of excellence”.

    I wish you the best in reaching your goal safely and safe return home.

    All the Best !
    M. Samiullah

  6. Lamia Zahid says:

    Dear Waleed, Haitham and Mohammed,
    First, we wish you Waleed a happy “very worm” birthday… As it is so cold and windy up there, or actually down there, it is as windy and rainy in Jeddah today!!! Surely this trip is one of a life time and we’ll wait for your recommendations…
    Enjoy it and have a safe trip back… Next trip it’s going to be the empty quarter; I’ll join you in that one, I guess same look but different feel and temperature…
    Best regards and keep worm…

  7. J. barry Morrissey says:


    I know you have that “golf stick” somewhere in your “kit”. I expect a photo of the first guy to hit a golf ball over the South Pole……well done to you and the guys!!! Haytham and Mo …how about a ten mile run in Death Valley to warm you up!!


  8. Robert Fiorentino, MD (Bob) says:

    Hi Waleed, Been following your spectacular progress on the way to your final destination. What an accomplishment—almost there!!! Sitting here in sunny California makes it all seem so unreal to me. Such unelievable endurance. Will be posted to your site daily following you to the finish. Just a reminder that I am the physician who delivered Debby and Mohamed’s children. Good luck and best wishes, Bob

  9. MYZ says:

    Dear Waleed and Gang,

    We are all so very excited that you are on the move again and within the last march to the Pole. What an adventure, and kudos to all of you. You cannot imagine how I would have liked to be with you on this adventure of a lifetime. However, with herniated discs and creaky joints I must, regretfully, bow to nature’s imperatives.

    We are all awaiting your collective return to a fitting Heroes’ welcome.


  10. Suresh Haridas says:

    “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
    All the best !
    Suresh H

  11. RET says:

    Good to be moving again, guys! Not far now! You must smell the finish line (and each other). All our best!

    Ret and Denise

    PS: brilliant photo from today

  12. Salman Alireza says:

    No matter what I’m doing before I catch up on your daily news, I always return to reality feeling humbled and awestruck by your progress and endurance. What a truly inspiring adventure.

    I can safely say from the comfort of my climate-controlled office that all are happy you decided to go for it in the end, and we wish you all the best in ultimately achieving your goal tomorrow, and for a safe return home Bissalama Insha-Allah!

    Happy belated birthday Amo Waleed,

    Toom you crack me up,

    Mo Z, Duncan and Dr Lunt, the notches under your belts are getting evermore impressive!

    Hang in there and lots of love to all,
    Salman, Assia & Lanah

  13. Ashir says:

    Keep up the good spirit! Good luck!

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