From Dr. Jeff Lunt

Well folks here we are on day 2 of an enforced halt due to the blizzard which has grounded us. After landing at the 89th degree to blazing sunshine yet minus 30 we had several days of uniquely sublime weather. Waking up yesterday to a white-out and true antarctic conditions brought the nature of our quest home to us. For these last 72 hours we have been either staying warm by snuggling up [individually I hasten to add] in our down bags or eating, drinking and today playing cards in the communal tent. Having already had the first birthday of the trip, we awoke today to the really special occasion of Waleed’s 60th, and right now we are preparing the dining tent for a 3 course banquet for the celebratory dinner prepared by Ronnie our Norwegian masterchef.
This trip up to now has been amazing in every sense of the word. We are so fortunate to all be part of such a cohesive and like-minded yet uniquely individual bunch of nut-cases! We have suffered a few minor hiccups with technical issues out of our control, and the weather showed the vagaries of this phenomenal place. Right now it looks like the weather is clearing and we will be on trek in the morning. 40k to go, so stick with us folks and await the triumph in a day or two. I will propose a toast to this amazing guy who has brought us here – Waleed, you are a legend! Love to all of you at home who are thinking of us almost as much as we are thinking of you. See you soon.

Jeff xxx

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2 Responses to From Dr. Jeff Lunt

  1. Sharon Jenkinson says:

    You joked about not getting back! Ha Ha be careful what you wish for. Everything hitting the fan here, you’re well out of it.
    Do you feel GUILTY yet? Safe trip hurry home to the open arms of KGP!

  2. Maria says:

    This struggle of snuggling up individually in the cold applies this part of the globe as well. xxx

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