One day closer – Guy

We left camp at 10.30 this morning on another perfect day. We trekked for 9 hours including stops and punched our 20km so we’re all happy with our progress. We’re now 60km from the South Pole so we hope to keep our pace and arrive there in 3 days. It’s late and I’d better get some rest!


Guy, for the southern shufflers

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5 Responses to One day closer – Guy

  1. J. Barry Morrissey says:

    Hi guys

    Truly amazing. I am awed by your endurance and very proud of you as a friend.
    Waleed…you are a true polar prince!! A great feat my friend.

    Haytham…you could write for any newspaper in the world.. Great job!!


  2. Rob Humphry says:

    Hi Porky
    Hang in there boy, you guys are doing well, we in SA are proud of you all.

  3. Mr. L. Ramnarayan Iyer says:

    We in Arab News are eagerly waiting for you’ll to successfully complete your journey to the South Pole. Was referred to your site and noted with pride the Saudi effort in pursuit of excellence. Well done lads.

  4. Mr. Khaled Almaeena says:

    It is with great pleasure that I note that you’ll are the Roald Amundsens of Saudi Arabia. May you’ll emulate Amundsen in your efforts to reach the South Pole. Wishing you’ll every success in your lives, especially in your latest adventurous endeavor. Our prayers are with you’ll that you’ll attain your dreams and return safely. Be seeing you’ll soon.

  5. Jess Harris says:

    All I have to say is WELL DONE guys!! All of us in SA are SO proud of all of you! The pictures are truly amazing and so beautiful beyond words! We are all thinking and praying for you all the way! You are just about half way! Keep up the hard work and keep the pic’s coming, we love reading up what you have got up to everyday! Sending lots of love and I love you daddy! Lots of Love Jess xxx

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