Another day traversing the white expanse

We set out from camp this morning at 10:35 am and arrived back at 7:30 pm, it was an absolutely grueling 9 hours in which we covered 20km. It was another beautiful sunny day but there was some wind to start which made us feel much colder, the wind then dropped off then picked up again it just couldn’t make it’s mind up and along with it was us like a bunch of clowns taking off layers of clothing then putting them back on and so on and so forth all day.

It really was a tough one today and what I said yesterday about the beautiful views was not enough to lift my spirits, I had three blisters that were flaring which made skiing agony, my upper back was cramping from my pack bad enough that I couldn’t turn my neck, we’re all suffering from this hacking cough which is excruciating because you have to suck in freezing pressurize it then cough, and the air burns your lungs, and finally to add insult to injury my primary ipod froze to death, and 15 min after I plugged in my back up that died too.

At km 17 today I was skiing along side Guy, the main organizer of this trip and guide, and he asked me if I thought Hamza would have enjoyed this trip, I really didn’t know the answer so I just said yes, right after I moved further up the line next to my father and asked him the same question, his response was “No sane human being could possibly enjoy this” and alas I would have to agree with him. But I really have to give it to him, he’s turning 60 in three days and he did the whole 20km not one complaint, I could see there was suffering but he stuck it through.

I miss hot showers, socks that don’t stink, sleeping in a place that doesn’t smell like my and my brother’s stinky sock, I miss clothes that don’t stink, or just clean fresh clothes that haven’t been worn since they’ve been washed, I miss not having to go to the toilet at thirty degrees below zero, I miss a real toilet, I miss sleeping in a bed and sleeping in the dark this 24 hour sun is driving me insane, I miss putting on my clothes standing up, and not lying horizontal in a cramped tent, and I miss wearing comfortable shoes, these -100 degree space boots are getting old! All that said, it is a magnificent place with views like I’ve never seen before but I won’t beat my self up about it, I’ll just buy a poster next time and hang it in my bedroom.

Target tomorrow: 20km

50km covered 61km to go.

Haytham .

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8 Responses to Another day traversing the white expanse

  1. Majid Zahid says:

    Haytham, I echo everyone by saying that your penmanship has taken us all on the journey with you guys, minus the weather and the other minor details of course;). Keep em comin!
    Happy birthday to you Amu WYZ!! What an incredible place to celebrate your 60th! Enjoy the rest of the trip and have a wonderful year ISA.
    Best of luck to all, and have a safe continuation!!


  2. Zahid T Zahid says:

    Was sitting with Taitah today and saw some of the expedition photos with her, she is in full admiration and she and all of us pray that you stay warm, safe, together and succeed and make it back to us soon and well.
    Sara, Ismail, Safia, Amna and I send you our best wishes and Allah Ma3akum. Happy Birthday Abu Haytham…..Love Zahid 🙂

  3. john zac says:

    Tomorrow, try to spot a penguin with a cigarette dangling from its beak. A little
    birdy told me he may have a grey goose buried in the ice.
    On a more serious note, I agree with your uncle Tarik–
    Wish a happy birthday to WYZ and permit him to serve as your example in life.

  4. Tarik Zahid says:

    Dear Haytham,
    Great reports I feel I am with you,all the way.These are moments in life that stay with you forever and change you , positively . enjoy them ! ISA in three days you will achieve your target . Wish your dad a happy birthday for me .Keep the reports going.
    God bless you all.

  5. Rema Khashoggi says:

    Wallah it sounds absolutely terrifyingly cold and incredibly indescribably difficult.
    You guys have all my admiration for undertaking this amazing but very gruelling expedition. Inchallah you will do the last 60 kilometers without toooo much discomfort and the beautiful scenery will once again be able to raise your spirits and everyone else’s too Haythem. Love reading your blog!

  6. Hamza says:

    Gargantuan effort lads……Thats just HUGE!! We all knew you guys had the mettle to take on this trip, but you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty. Keep pressing on. Its only 3 more days!!!


  7. To Zahid Expedition Team:

    Gentlemen, wish you all a safe, enjoyable and a successful expedition. The trekking from 89 Deg. to the South Pole is a real challenge, at temperature I can’t imagine in my wildest dream. By reading the dispatches, you make it look simple but the amount of energy, stamina and self control is mind boggling.

    The daily dispatches are very interesting and I can’t wait to read more. The pictures are also terrific. Hats off to my boss, Mr. Zahid on his stamina, strength and the courage in celebating his 60th birthday. All the best.

  8. Suresh Haridas says:

    If you hang just one photograph at home, of yourselves in the South Pole, will keep you warm for the rest of your lives ! Iam sure !
    Suresh H

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