The trek begins

We heard from Guy today via satphone and they had an excellent first day on the trek. Everyone in the group is doing well and they covered 10km, with the temperature staying around -33 degrees C all day and a light breeze. The challenges of fogged goggles freezing and being vigilant about all the minor things are taking up most of their time but all are rising to the challenge. Last night in the tents was quite warm as the ‘sun’ was out but for tonight’s sleep they expect it to be colder as cloud cover is forecast.

More news from the team tomorrow.

Posted by the AC (Adventure Consultants) office in New Zealand.

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9 Responses to The trek begins

  1. Hamza says:

    Awesome adventure lads!! The pics look stunning! I shouldnt be saying this, but wish I was there. Keep up the daily reports, we’re all reading them, and waiting eagerly for the next dispatch. You’re all having the time of your lives!

    Its 19C in my living room in Jeddah, and I’m all bundled up in a jumper and blanket. Ha what a ponce.

    Love to all

  2. Ahmed Zahid says:

    way to go boys , i bet its not easy but you can do it Big z boys

    good luck

  3. john zac says:

    You guys are so amazingly cool and should serve as inspiration for all.
    Personally, I will quit the cancer sticks once and for all and vow to finish
    the marathon of Rome.
    Hope you all return safely.

  4. Amr says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff. We pray for the good weather to continue and for success and safety for all of you.

  5. john zac says:

    You guys are all so unbelievably cool and serve as proper inspiration for all.

  6. Peter Barrett says:

    Just sitting with my brothers talking about this fantastic expidition.
    We all sit here in awe – and of course wishing all the best.
    The pictures sent back have been breathtaking.
    Look forward to further updates.

  7. Maria says:

    Hi Jeff,
    What a cool birthday!
    Love from Maria, Eileen, Bence, Örsi, Judit.
    Imádlak Mici Mackó!

  8. Megan Lunt says:

    Happy Birthday to Dr Lunt and good luck to all on the expedition. It’s nearly as cold in the UK… although the snow storms have brought the country to a stand still.
    Keep the gloves on and keep warm!
    Love, Megan Lunt

  9. Sultana says:

    Hi Willis, Toom, Abu Dean
    Glad to read that you did well on the first day. 10 km going at a cross country ski pace, it must have taken forever. Mashallah, Allah ye3teekum al 3fiya.
    Haytham, you look like you’re on a sundeck in Courvevel rather than in minus 33 degrees C!! Mr. Cool all the way, that’s my boy.
    Can we have some pictures of Sheikh W and Abu Dean next time please.
    We’re all well here hamdillah.
    Love, and prayers for your safety

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