On the way to 89 Degrees South

Updates coming from Sean, the expedition’s videographer:

Yesterday, the one engine on the twin otter aircraft that was supposed to fly the team to their destination needed repair. So they went off on a long ski training session.

Today, the engine has been repaired and they will be departing for 89 degrees South in an hour’s time.  It’s extremely cold.  It’s minus 15 degrees Celsius at Union Glacier without wind and Sean is already feeling the chill biting into him. At the South Pole it’s minus 40 degrees Celsius!

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5 Responses to On the way to 89 Degrees South

  1. youssef, malak and hayat says:

    hello ! haytham reading your disspatches is almost like experiencing a horror story. your descriptions are so vivid we all shake with you feel the knock on our teeth from the tooth brush and pray that the sun will keep on shinning and those clouds stay at bay! we all wish you the very best inshallah! Stay strong warm and upbeat!

  2. Mo Ali says:

    Its sounds very very exciting. Haythem you are doing a great job with the daily reports. It is the high light of my evenings( it beats any TV program ), pls keep it coming. Wishing you all the best
    P.S Don’t forget to look after the ‘old man’.

  3. denise marie (aka gf of Ret ) says:

    Wishing you an amazing expedition! I would say don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… but that would be everything you’re doing! Stay cool 🙂

  4. sultana says:

    Hello to my men: Willis, Toom, Mo (abu Dean)

    Hamdillah ala salamatkum at the South Pole! Just talking to you briefly I could feel the freezing weather in my bones!
    God speed on this next leg, if you get cold, jumping jacks will do the trick for instant warmth. Make sure you keep putting the sunblock on your lips too.
    Call in everyday for a 2 second check-in for Amma O’s sake.
    Allah ma3kum wa ye7fathkum min kul ma yalij fil nahar wa fil layl.

    Love you

  5. Adrian Pilling says:

    What a great expedition this is – I’m green with envy.

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