We are in Antarctica

We landed on the blue ice runway at Union glacier at 11pm tonight in bright sunshine. Stepping off the plane is akin to entering an austere imaginary world with mystical lofty Landing in Antarcticapeaks overlooking the gigantic creeping ice flows and glaciers. The impact this environment has on us is difficult to describe in words. How can one articulate those indelible sensations and emotions that one feels within that are yet to ferment into tangible and communicable thoughts?

We stepped into a light breeze that tingles the skin due to the negative 15 degrees temperatures. A tracked vehicle transported us to the camp which is a fabulous tent city with about 100 tents of all shapes and sizes. We will give you a photo tour of the camp in tomorrows dispatch so you can see where we sleep and eat.

Until then this is Guy signing off from way down south.

PS it’s 1.30am and the sun’s still shining brightly!

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One Response to We are in Antarctica

  1. Amr says:

    How are you guys managing the cold?

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