Boarding Call

We’ve just received a call from Guy and the team in Punta Arenas, who are about to be picked up at 4.20pm from their Hotel to be taken to the airport for the flight to Union Glacier in Antarctica! Everything is thus on schedule, the weather looks good and they expect to arrive on the ice by about 10 or 11pm and be in camp by midnight. It begins! Their next update will hopefully be direct from the team in 24 hour daylight in Antarctica. We wish them well on their exciting adventure.

AC Office in New Zealand

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2 Responses to Boarding Call

  1. Merrill Dean says:

    Hi Waleed and Guys,
    Reading your posts to date after a super active Thanksgiving holiday here in Scottsdale. Sounds like you’re getting into the Antarctic temps scenario very quickly. So keep warm, and trek saftely…looking forward to more news as you progress…
    BE CAREFUL…Abrazos Grandes from Scottsdale, AZ where we’ve just had one of the coldest night’s I can remember 29F…and it has a ways to go to match your -40C!!

  2. Ahmed El Mehelmy says:

    Walid did you bring you Golf clubs ? Keep warm guys and wish you agreat trip.

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