Briefing Day

The company who is flying us to Antarctica is know by the acronym ALE. Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions. This morning we went along to their pre expedition briefing where they explained in fine detail how the flight program works and what the expedition logistics entail. It was impressive to see the scale of their operation and the variables that can impact on the daily business of working in Antarctica. It is no undertsatement to say there are significant challenges that operating in the frozen continent with its wild weather and extreme temperatures.

The plan from here is that we fly into the Union Glacier tomorrow where the four engined Ilyushin jet aircraft will make a wheeled landing (no skis) on the blue ice of the Union glacier. We then stay in camp while we prep our gear for our ‘shakedown’ ski tour to get ourselves familiar with living in the snow and sleeping in tents. The following day we will retun to Union Glacier camp and prepare for our journey to 89 degrees south to begin our trek to the pole.

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